Most of us love traveling, but it can get expensive FAST! So we’re always looking for coupon codes or hotel promotions because we never like to pay full price for anything, especially vacations! Between gas or airfare, hotel accommodations and always dining out, there’s almost no money left for attractions! When I heard about timeshare rentals and how we could save some serious bucks, I was intrigued. I was glad to have the opportunity to review this service because this is exactly the kind of thing our family could benefit from!

We all know that timeshares exist but I think most of us have this negative idea about them. Having to sit through hours of seemingly endless, uncomfortable, high-pressure pitches, paying big bucks for vacations at the same exact place every year without much variation, high fees, etc., just doesn’t sound like a good deal. Timeshare rentals don’t deal with any of that!

RedWeek offers budget friendly vacations at a fraction of the regular price by allowing timeshare owners to rent out timeshares that they are unable to use! Imagine paying a bunch of money for a timeshare and for whatever reason, finding you can’t go on vacation every year? Those timeshare owners turn to RedWeek for help. They get to recoup some of the costs of owning a timeshare and we get to save money on luxury vacations! Total win-win.

At first, I was a little skeptical about the concept. It seemed too good to be true, but then I did some serious research. I would find a timeshare rental and then go to the same resort’s website and try to make a reservation for the same dates. I can’t tell you how many places I’ve done this for! I typically found that timeshare rentals are half the price of making the same reservation on your own. Growing up in south Florida for 14 years, my husband knows of some really popular places to vacation.

I looked into some of them near Disney in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, and the savings weren’t as substantial but they were still savings nonetheless. If the popularity of a place isn’t what you’re most interested in and the location is, then you can find extreme vacation savings! My husband has been wanting to go to Las Vegas and after calculating the costs for a week I said NO WAY! Then I found out we can stay for a week for under $400 on the strip and my mind is almost changed! Almost, because I’ve personally never been a fan of Vegas even though I’ve never been.

What really interests me about renting a timeshare is that they usually aren’t regular hotel rooms. Many of them are suites with a separate bedroom(s), living area, dining area and full kitchen. If you don’t mind cooking on vacation (which I don’t!), you can save even MORE money by preparing meals and snacks at “home” and then going about your day!

Since timeshares are meant to be a “home away from home,” they usually have tons of amenities. Pools with water park features, tennis courts, playgrounds, arcades, mini golf, volleyball and depending on location, direct access to theme parks, beaches, trails, and skiing. Some timeshares have this all included in the fee and some require an extra small fee, but it all still costs less than a standard hotel room!

As for the website itself, it takes a little bit to familiarize yourself with. When you first go to the site, you’ll see the “Top Timeshare Rental Destinations” front and center. You can search for specific resorts by name, or type in the location to get a list of all available timeshares. If you click on the Find a Timeshare tab on the left side of the navigation bar, you can search the entire globe. On the right side, you can sort by features and attractions like All-Inclusive or Pet-Friendly, or Casinos, Golf or Beaches.

One of the first things I noticed was that there is a $24.99/year membership fee, and yes, that’s for those who want to rent a timeshare, not for those who wish to list their rental. The membership bridges the gap between timeshare owners and prospective renters. The good thing is that you can browse the site with a Guest Membership for free but if you wish to go ahead and personally contact a timeshare owner, you have to have a paid membership. While I first thought this was a bit of a turnoff, I realized it helps separate those who are just window shopping and wasting timeshare owners’ time, from those who are serious with their inquiries.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will be using RedWeek’s services in the future. Perhaps once we are done selling our house and have a clear picture of our available dates, a Las Vegas vacation might not be too far off!